Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Technology, and nature

We had both in spades today.  This morning we went to a new games club at someone's house 30 minutes away.  Fred was really looking forward to it.  We hadn't met the family before, and he was excited to hear there was a nine year old boy who wanted to meet new gaming friends.  

The family were really welcoming and lovely.  Fred seemed to get on well with Alastair and they played Minecraft for an hour or so.  

Meanwhile the girls were invited to the playroom, which had loads of toys.  Betsy found there was a spare laptop once Alastair and another boy started a Wii game, so she played Moshi Monsters.  Meg played a couple of games on the Nexus.

Straight from there we went to meet up with Caden and Miles at Rushmere Country Park.  We haven't been there before, and it's gorgeous.  Lots of woods to explore, and loads of wonderful things to discover.  A huge slide, goblin doors in the trees, a big wooden chair, a giant spider.  And lots and lots of funghi!


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