Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Birthday fun, and a bad back

I was preparing for Betsy's 6th birthday for what felt like forever.  She asked for a surprise party, so naturally I said no and went ahead and organised one.  It was stressful.  I worried about the weather, as the party was to be held in the woods.

I was right to worry.  It poured down!  It was freezing.  But her amazing friends came anyway, and I'm so grateful that they did as they really helped to make her birthday wonderful.

She was already on a high as she got a walking talking pinkie pie (My Little Pony) and a furby (goodness they do talk).  Then she was showered with cards and presents and balloons at the party.

I took baked potatoes in a cool box, ready-grated cheese and my friend brought baked beans in a flask.  There were crisps, and Moshi Monsters cupcakes, and chocolate brownies.  There was bunting, a (wet) scavenger hunt, and treasure (chocolate coins).  When it got too cold and wet we retreated to the cafe.

I didn't take my photos as I was trying to hold it all together in the weather, but here's one of the birthday girl

The next day we took the kids to Drayton Manor theme park.  It was *lots* of fun.  Rollercoasters, rocking pirate ship, spooky boat ride, big wheel, cable car, rapids, bumper cars, carousel.  We were there all day, and were kicked out when they closed.

Freddie and I went on a proper grown ups rollercoaster.  He didn't like it at all.  It held you upsidedown, and the seat restraint really hurt him.

In the run up to Betsy's birthday, I noticed that my coccyx was hurting.  The discomfort gradually became pain over a few days, and paracetamol wasn't effective.  I'm now taking prescribed co codamol, and am sitting on a coccyx wedge cushion.  I really hope it gets better soon, as I'm grumpy from disturbed sleep, a bit out of it on the painkillers, and irritated by my inability to pick things up from the floor!  Driving has been difficult, so we've been at home more than usual.

Freddie's been doing this:

Betsy, who wants to do school work, has been doing this:

We did get out today to buy the wedge cushion, and got a spider habitat from Hobbycraft.  Freddie and I saw it last week, and Betsy found a spider yesterday that she wanted to look after.

We're meant to catch flies for it to eat, I can't imagine that will be very easy.  If we can't, we'll let it go in a couple of days.

Yesterday Freddie and I went to the free film showing from the National Youth Film Festival, while mum stayed with Betsy and Meg.  We say Despicable Me 2, which we both enjoyed.  I think sitting in the cinema contributed to my painful afternoon though!

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