Thursday, 3 October 2013

In praise of Crafty Crocodiles

A box of goodies from Crafty Crocodiles arrived today.  I love Crafty Crocodiles, and usually do an order every few months.

In our parcel was chalks, stickers, jewels, googly eyes, shiny metallic crayons, Halloween pictures to colour, and adhesive magnetic tape.  Plus some Christmas stocking bits that I quickly hid away!

The egg-shaped chalks grabbed the kids attention first.  6 colours, easy to hold, and (hopefully) too big to lose.

We tried out the metallic crayons.  They are beautiful!

Betsy and Meg wanted to do some gluing, so I got out a load of sparkly things to stick, along with the jewels.

The stickers were next.  I ordered some foam Halloween ones, and we made invitations for our Halloween party.  Meg made a picture with the other Halloween stickers too.  They were cheap as chips!

Before the post arrived we'd been making foil art pictures.  

Later Freddie and I watched some Slo Mo Guys videos.  I'd seen that they had exploded a car and thought he'd enjoy it.  He did, and we watched a few more. We love them!

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