Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Betsy spent a lot of the day hunting minibeasts and making homes for them.  She started with a snail, then found an ant, a woodlouse, and several worms.  She carefully filled boxes with leaves, twigs and mud, and asked me to cover them with clingfilm (adding holes for ventilation).

She really took a shine to the snail, and made a habitat for it with different zones.

One of the caterpillars is developing into a chrysalis.  A couple of the others aren't far behind, but one is still tiny.

Mabel slept the day away, in her usual spot.

Other things that happened today - Betsy and Meg had a den outside the front of the house, Meg harvested the GYOP potatoes, I planted some young tomatoes plants into a growbag, Fred and I had a nerf war, Fred chopped some wood with Rob, Betsy and Meg played Max and Ruby, everyone had a go on the trampoline at some point.

 Snails from the potato growing bags!

 The largest and the smallest.

Warm sunny weather is forecast for the rest of the week.  Hooray!

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