Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Oldest's birthday

We've been celebrating Fred's 9th birthday for the last couple of days.

On Saturday he had a party.  He wanted people to come over and play Minecraft, and to play on bikes and scooters on the little road.  So Billy and Dallas, Moss, Jarvis, Erin, Will and Jeanie came with various tablets, iPads and wheels.

It worked out beautifully.  Kids were upstairs in the bedroom, on the landing, downstairs in the living room - sharing worlds and playing Minecraft on the PS3.  Then they'd run outside and play for a while, before heading back in again.  It went on for hours!  People arrived at 2 ish and left just before 9.  It was a really lovely day.

Moss's mum made these excellent cakes!

Monday was his actual birthday.  Rob took the day off, and we went bowling.  Mum met us there too.  Meg won, Fred came second.  I managed last place!

Then we went to McDonalds, and home to play on the PS3.  There was another birthday cake after tea (photobomb courtesy of Jarvis!).

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