Monday, 30 June 2014


Lots of minibeast fun yesterday.  I noticed that the stick insect was shedding its skin, so we all watched a while.  Here it's hanging from the old skin.

We released the butterflies.  One of them had its proboscis in the watermelon, it was cool to see that.   We examined the empty chrysalises, and found they felt paper-like. 

A bee flew into the house.  I caught it in a glass and noticed it had bright yellow pollen sacs on its legs.  I showed the kids, adding to our other insect observations of the day!

Betsy made another snail habitat.  I'm considering getting a a see through box with air holes for her, as she seems to love making temporary homes for little critters.

Rob and Meg went to allotment and came home with these:

Rob's making jam tonight!

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