Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dog walking and model village

We popped over to mum's yesterday.  She's going away and needed to show me how her door works as I'll be dog sitting for a weekend.

It was a gorgeous morning so we took her dog Freda for a walk.  Mum lives in quite rural area, within 3 or 4 minutes of leaving the house we were walking through a meadow.

Fred loves walking Freda.  He would make a great dog owner.

We walked past a beautiful farmhouse.  It has a wooden horse sculpture in the garden.

Meg got tired - I'd anticipated this and brought the wrap, and she was happy to be carried (yay!).

Betsy picked wildflowers along the way, and had a turn with Freda.

Then the kids had a quick stop at the playground, and Meg walked the dog back to mum's.

Today we had a visit to Bekonscot model village.  Fred has loved this place over the years, but now I think it's lost it's charm.  I'm not surprised, and a tiny bit sad for the end of an era.

Betsy did this cool chalk picture when we got home.

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