Sunday, 28 September 2014

Amazing art

We had a chilled day at home on Wednesday.  Betsy did some fairytale shrinkles that mum bought a while ago.  

Colouring them in -  

Before baking - 

And after baking. I love how the colour intensifies.

Betsy's hair has been getting very birds-nesty, and I persuaded her to let me brush it.  We did half, had a break, and then did the other half.  I took a photo to show her the difference. We both giggled!

 Meg's really into Moshi Monsters, and loves it when I help her do mission to get moshlings.  She can do some of the games on the website by herself now.

On Thursday our friend Angela hosted an art workshop.  She's a really talented artist, and she paints woodland landscapes.  Or treescapes?  Her paintings are here.  She does an annual art show, and met a a street artist called Grafeeney.  He's amazing.  He does spray paint stencils onto canvas.

Fred was fascinated by the process, and watched while someone sprayed a large canvas. He got stuck in shortly after.  Grafeeney got the kids to pick their colours, and offered advice on dark vs light shades, and suggested what order to use the colours in the get a good effect.

Fred chose to do a tiger.

He was really happy with the picture.

Betsy and Meg both chose to paint an owl.  Grafeeney helped them with the spraying.

Here are some of the artworks produced that morning:

When they ween't painting, the kids played with friends, and did some drawing in the summer house.  There were lots of families there, some of whom we hadn't seen in a while, and it was lovely to catch up.

On Friday we had a day at home.  Fred took his boat for a whizz along the canal. Meg enjoyed watching.

The weekend has been busy.  I was out most of Saturday, as my nan is still in hospital with a broken elbow. It was her birthday, so I went with mum and Tom to visit.  Betsy and Fred spent the day with Jarvis - Andy and Granny took them all to 360 Play in Milton Keynes. They had a fantastic time!  Meg spent the day with Rob, which made her very happy.

Rob took the kids to Coombe Hill this afternoon.  It's the highest point in the Chilterns and is a real beauty spot.  They've built a wilderness trail, with lots of logs and wood to clamber over.  The kids liked rolling down hills too.

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