Sunday, 7 September 2014

Home and away

We made the most of the last few days of the school holidays to hang out with the kid's friends. 

There was lots of minecraft,  trampolining,  scooting around the block, imaginative games of goodies/badies with swords and nerf guns.

I got the box of glitter and glue out. Betsy and Meg spent over an hour creating beautiful art. 

Fred got his Lego magazine in the post. He hasn't taken much interest in it before.  This time he read it all,  and kept laughing at the jokes.  It was a lovely moment!

Betsy and I played several hours of board games over a couple of days. Meg and her friend played too.

Meg,  Betsy and Erin played a game where Meg was a puppy in a basket.Cute!

We went to Chessington with Jarvis,  Tor and Andy.  Magically, Betsy had grown to 1.2m and Fred had grown to 1.4m.  This meant they can both do way more rides!  Betsy and Fred did loads of rides with Andy and Jarvis.  Meg and I went on the runaway train,  and fed the lorikeets.

I spent the next day packing.  And then we headed to Southampton to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight!

( Posting from my phone, so goodness knows what's going on with the photos).

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