Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Warwick Castle

We've had a fab day out at Warwick Castle.  We met up with Laura, Mosse and Fable.  Fred was so happy to see his friend, we haven't seen them since they moved away in August.

We went to the castle over the bank holiday and it was packed.  People everywhere.  It was so much nicer today!  There was less going on (no jousting or sword fighting) but we still had plenty to see and do.

We didn't get around to seeing the trebuchet, but the kids liked the ballista.

In the stocks!

Newly bought baby dragon, poked into a 'cave' at the top of the tower.

View from the guards room.

The big gun in the guards room.

After exploring the tower, we stopped for lunch and watched the first of two bird of prey display.  The birds were fantastic - a bald eagle, a vulture, an eagle owl, and the biggest bird of prey in the world - an Andean condor.  Some of them flew low over the crowd, it was very exciting.

After the display lots of ducks, and some peacocks and peahens, came over during people's picnics.  They weren't shy!

After lunch we went to see the archery display.  The bowman was fantastic.  Passionate about history, a highly skilled archer, and funny too.  I tried to watch him, while Meg asked me to take silly photos of her and her turtle.

So, Meg:





Finally Meg settle behind me in the buggy.  The bowman then demonstrated how to attack with a sword, using Fred as his victim!

We walked around the Kingmaker exhibition, which has waxwork models, and bits and pieces you can pick up and try on.

Lastly  the kids had half an hour in the playground before we headed home.

We'll definitely go again.  Next time we'll make sure we see the trebuchet, and go into the Princess Tower.

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