Sunday, 14 September 2014

Post holiday doings

Home now, and more laundry than you can shake a stick at.  Yesterday Fred played with Jarvis for 11 hours (miss him much?!).  Rob went to the allotment and brought back lots of runner beans, courgettes, beetroot and blackberries.

I found an interesting caterpillar, and identified it as a buff ermine moth caterpillar.

This morning we went to Ashridge.  I haven't been for a while, and they've made some changes.  There is a wild wood playground - it's lovely.  Fallen trees have been used to make a play structure, and they've carved nature pictures into the wood.  The kids really enjoyed it.

The visitors centre is much improved, and we spent quite a while looking at skulls, and stuffed animals, and doing various activities.

A new pair of wooden sculptures stand outside the centre.  They are absolutely beautiful - two WW1 soldiers (an officer and a private), carved from two trees.

The kids hadn't wanted to come out this morning, and had such a good time that they then didn't want to go home!

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