Sunday, 21 September 2014

Picking up the pace

It's been a happy, busy, home ed week.  We started off with a 'not back to school' picnic Leighton Buzzard.  They all had a blast in the playground and the splash park.  Fred picked up a pretty leaf, and a couple of conkers (one still in its case). 

We had a home day on Tuesday.  Meg spent some time looking at our crystals and fossil with a little magnifying glass.

Betsy and Meg played with the tap tap shapes and the cuisenaire rods.

We walked along the tow path to the supermarket.  It was a lovely morning - there had been an early mist and Fred was very interested in the dew that sparkled on the leaves and grass.  We saw some pretty flowers.  I really like the purple clover flowers.  The orange flower was growing on the canal bank.

On Wednesday we met up with lots of families at Ikea.  The kids and I love this meet up. The kids enjoy the creche, I enjoy the breakfast!  Fred stayed in the cafe with friends while the girls and I walked around the marketplace.  I needed exciting things like a bin.  I bought a nice orange candle for 95p, and the girls spotted some fabric they'd like for curtains when they move into the same bedroom.

On the way out they played in the little playground, before we headed off to a nature reserve with Amanda, Caden and Miles.

We had a picnic, and explored the carved wooden animals and tree stumps.  There are lots of *huge* spiders around this year, and we spotted a couple today.

Rob saw this giant spider in the kitchen.  I don't mind spiders, but this one did freak me out a bit!

On Thursday I looked after Miles for a few hours.  Some friends came over in the afternoon and played minecraft.  Betsy made a tall tower - taller than the kitchen work surface.  Meg made a blue tower for Betsy, as it's Betsy's favourite colour.  Sweet!

Friday was busy!  We got the train to London.  I brought the story cubes and dino dice to keep everyone occupied for the hour-long journey.

We got the tube to Waterloo.  I love the south bank.  We walked to the aquarium, going past the London Eye and hearing Big Ben strike 11.  We could hear the sound of bagpipes across the river.  It was the morning of the Scottish referendum result, and there was obviously some sort of celebration outside the houses of parliament. 

We rather raced around the aquarium (a benefit of the merlin pass is you don't feel obliged to spend longer than you want to).  I watched the jelly fish for a while, and the turtles interested the kids.

Then we hopped on the tube and went to Clapham Common.  I'd organised a group visit to Colourscape.  We visited the smaller, travelling one in June (blogged here) and loved it so much we wanted to go again.

Betsy was disappointed that we couldn't wander around.  We did a workshop, so it was a more structured visit.  I've made sure we're on the mailing list for future events, so we can explore at our own pace.

It is the most fabulous piece on art.  I love it as much as the travelling bouncy stonehenge (mentioned briefly here).

This weekend Betsy was ill, Fred went swimming, friends came to play, Betsy and I played lots of Cooking Mama on the Wii, I went to see my nan in hospital (she fell over and broke her elbow, and maybe her hip), Rob brought goodies from the allotment (courgettes, beetroot, runner beans) and he made a courgette chocolate cake.  Yum!

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