Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bones and walks and cold

We went back to the monthly home ed group at the nature reserve today. We missed it in December. It was lovely to go again. The group meets at an old chalk pit that has been turned into wetlands and lakes. It's a beautiful place.

There is a purpose built wooden education building. Today there were lots of bones out for us to look at and hold.

Freddie worked on making a fire with some found wood.

It was very cold. We saw frost that looked like flowers, where the sun hadn't reached.

The light was luminous this afternoon.

The plan was to walk around the lakes. Freddie and Betsy are not great walkers. They're happy to scoot long distances, but scooters aren't allowed here. So we set off with the others. Pretty soon though we were lagging behind!

We didn't do the walk, just ambled for a while.

We saw a mouse hole. The little red and black bits outside the hole are the bits and bobs left over from mini mice meals. It's a mouse rubbish heap!

Meg enjoyed the view, looking at the ducks and swans on the water.

The dipping pond was frozen over. Freddie and Betsy tried to break the ice, but it was too thick. We spotted a little creature moving about in the water under the ice.

I noticed our shadows as we walked along so we took a photo. Meg was tootling about further along the path, so it's just the big kids and me.

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