Sunday, 15 January 2012

My birthday in food and drink

I took a load of photos on my birthday yesterday. When I looked them over today, I realised they were *all* of food and drink!

My day started with breakfast in bed, brought by Freddie.

I had a lovely lazy morning, lounging around reading a book. It was a beautiful sunny day so we went for a walk along the canal before lunch.

After lunch I went into town while Rob and the kids did secret birthday things at home. I stopped for a cuppa.

When I got back we had some party games - pass the parcel, and a treasure hunt, and musical statues. There was a pile of mocha brownies and birthday candles. Seriously yummy!

later Mum came over to babysit, and Rob and I went out. We called into the real ale pub for a half of Titanic, a guest stout from Stoke On Trent.

Next, a pizza. Fiorentina, my favourite.

Rob had a pudding, I saved myself for another brownie at home.

A cup of tea to finish.

It was a lovely, relaxed, munchy day.

My family came over for a roast today. I made slow roast belly of pork from Jamie Oliver's recipe. It was so delicious, and very cheap. £4-something for outdoor bred pork from M and S. This is going on my 'must make again soon' list.

Mum made a gorgeous chocolate and raspberry birthday cake, with creme fraiche. More candles, more happy me!


  1. Gosh ! They really are all of food and drink aren't they!! Happy Birthday

  2. Lovely food!! Happy belated birthday, I'm very jealous of all that scrummy stuff :)