Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Recent makings

Now Christmas is over, and I've been able to make things for us again.

I've had a kit from Mollie Makes magazine for months and months. I've finally got around to making it, now I have a smartphone to put into it (yay!).

Rob saw me making it, and said he could do with a cover for his iPod. So I've made this for his birthday, in Port Vale colours.

I've also been working on a large cushion cover for our delicious sofa. I'm using the leftover yarn from the massive granny stripe blanket I made last year.

I've done 45 of the 91 mini granny squares. I need to find a jumper to make it into a whole cushion cover, I'll be rummaging through charity shops to find what I want.

I had to mention these brownies - flourless brownies from a little book of brownie recipes Mum got me for Christmas. In my best Craig voice... A-Maze-Ing! Oh they were good. I'm going to make a pile of blondies for Rob's birthday tomorrow, with candles stuck in them. Can't wait!

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