Sunday, 8 January 2012

A new museum, and games at Granny's house

We went to Rob's parents this weekend, though I'd like to say that Meg enjoyed dressing up as a Power Ranger before we left. We got this for Freddie the Christmas he was 3. It fits Betsy perfectly, and I now roll up the sleeves and legs for Meg the way that I used to for Betsy. I wonder if I'll be able let this suit go when it's too small for Meg!

Anyway, that is slightly digressing. We went to Rob's folks, and they live just outside Stoke On Trent. We rarely do too much when we visit, and that's a shame as there are so many lovely places to go. This time we visited the Stoke On Trent City Museum.

The kids loved it. There was a gallery that was geared to young visitors, where Meg could get close to the exhibits...

... and Freddie and Betsy could dress up as insects!

There was a pretend tree to climb inside, and make a nest in. I was asked to pretend to be a bird trying to catch and eat these delectable insect morsels.

There were lots of displays of stuffed birds and animals.

After the museum there was plenty of time left to play with Granny and Grandad.

Meg loves the old telephone.

Betsy showed Grandad how to play with the Innotab.

Freddie played his first game of Subbuteo with Rob's childhood set. He used his own rules though!

Meg invaded the pitch.

Freddie persuaded Granny and Grandad to play cricket in the freezing cold.

When we got home, Freddie ran straight round to Jarvis's house. I assumed they'd be playing Skylanders, but when he came home he brought two lemon and lime cheesecakes Tor had helped him to make. And they were delicious!

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