Thursday, 12 January 2012

Not going out (mostly)

We're experiencing an energy dip this week. The kids don't want to go out, and I'm not that keen either! I'm not sure if it's a general post-Christmas thing, or if we just need some time to catch our breath. Either way, we all seem to want to stay home. It's unusual for us.

So we've been doing bits and bobs at home.

Freddie, Betsy and I made some more brownies. I just love the brownie book Mum gave me for Christmas. This is the third recipe I've used, and they came out perfectly.

We got Netflix through the Wii, on a free trial. So there's been a lot of slobbing around in pjs, watching Dora the Explorer and the Wonder Pets. These are the kind of days you don't tell home ed doubters about!

I finished putting together the thank you cards. Freddie had typed the message, Betsy did the art work. I stuck everything together, and Betsy stamped the envelopes. All in all a good team effort.

I made a sort of tent/rainbow roof in the living room, to see if it would change the mood or the energy at all. It didn't!

The kids played some games - together, and separately.

We did go out on the little road behind our house the other day, for a run and a scoot. Meg likes to walk around the block - along the little road to the end, up the road to the canal, along the tow path to our alley, and along the alley back to the little road. We did that a few times, then came in for lunch. And that's as busy as we've been!


  1. Those brownies look lush. Ooh win on the Netflix front, I always forget the Wii has those kinds of powers :D