Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Playing with boats

I finished the top of my granny square cushion cover last night.  It's waiting to be stitched to a charity shop jumper to finish it off.  I used the leftover yarn from the granny stripe blanket.

Freddie was examining his feet this morning, and noticed one seemed to be larger than the other.    I suggested we draw around out feet and measure the outlines.

Sure enough, our left feet are smaller than our right feet.  Betsy and Meg declined to join in!

We went to the home ed co-op, the first time since mid-December (though we did go on the day out at the beginning of the month).  

We did some activities on boats today, as we're looking at transport this month.

A water table and some boats were set up in the kitchen.  The mop was used *a lot*!

Jules showed the kids how to make an origami boat.   I loved this.  I think we'll do another at home and see if we can waterproof the bottom with melted wax.

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