Thursday, 26 January 2012

Land transport

We did a session on land transport at out home ed co-op yesterday.  All the families brought different things to do.

Freddie and Meg both enjoyed playing with the train set.

I brought a couple of big puzzles.

Jules did an activity on gradient and speed using wooden train track and Duplo bricks.

We took our big trucks, fire engines and ambulance.  The kids made crashes and rescues, and races.

One of the families made a bus, with bus timetables, bus stops and tickets to the village or the city.  Betsy and I loved this pretend bumpy ride to the village!  Another family brought a Big Track, straight out of the 1980s.

We also had some books to read, and digger stencils.  Betsy asked me to her a 'dot the dot'.  It was a lovely, relaxed afternoon with our friends.

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