Wednesday, 30 May 2012


We went to Waddesdon House today.  We've not been for a while.  On the drive into the grounds there were two tractors, one with a baler and one with wrapper.  It was so interesting, we stopped and watched for a while.
Then we headed for the woodland playground.  On the way we walked past some coaches.  We spent some time looking at the wheels, seeing how tall they were compared to Freddie and Betsy.

The kids went down the massive slide over and over again.  Meg travelled on Freddie lap and loved it!
After our picnic we had an ice cream, and  got the landtrain from the stables back up the hill to the house.

There is a sculpture exhibition on in the grounds at the moment, with some huge interesting pieces of arts to explore.  Our favourites were the teapot, the big chair/packet of cigarettes (odd!) and the brick fist.  We played football for a while, using the teapot as a goal.  Maybe not its intended purpose, but never mind.

Meg liked watching the birds in the aviary. 
Nearby there are two big bird shapes that are normally covered in plants and flowers, a living sculpture.  Today they were being restocked, so we watched the gardeners working.
Freddie and Betsy rolled down a hill, and we had one last look at the beautiful house before heading for home.

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