Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Outdoor round-up

God you can tell the weather has changed - we're out every day again.  We've been at playgrounds, in the garden, to the woods, along the canal.  Today has been actually hot - sunscreen and pink cheeks all round!
I got a rare photo of the 3 of them (this is the best of a bad bunch...)
We've seen some beautiful flowers, interesting fungi, and such bright green brand new leaves that they made the light luminous.
We've seen an interesting bee (that we're still trying to identify), and potted on some lavender seedlings.
Today we walked along the tow path to the playground.  Well, me and Meg plus two superheroes.
There's a waterfall where a stream empties into the canal.  It's lovely, and we spent some time watching it, and throwing in sticks.
Then it was time for spinning, climbing, swinging and sliding (and I love Meg's attempt at a thumbs up!).

Betsy picked lots of flowers and dandelion clocks, and found a couple of feathers.
It's forecast warm and sunny again tomorrow, maybe we'll take a picnic somewhere.....

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  1. Love those *thumbs ups* - Ed's are the same atm. Hooray for sunshine.
    Fab occurrences Jo xxxx