Thursday, 17 May 2012


We saw friends from our home ed group for the first time in weeks today.  We've not been at the group since before easter - either we've been unwell, or the kids haven't wanted to go.  
One of the families hosted a woodland afternoon at her house.  Her garden backs on to some farm land, and the farmer lets her walk the dog and play as long as they don't damage any of the trees.
It's a lovely spot.  The field next door has resting race horses, and they are friendly enough for then kids to get close to.
Meg loved the freedom to explore the area.  It was full of nettles, but somehow she avoided getting stung.
Betsy enjoyed making lots of treasure hunts in the sandpit, complete with an x to mark the spot.  The treasure was a big stone, and she asked me to find it over and over!
Freddie spotted a mayfly on the grass.  I've never seen one before, it was beautiful.
The afternoon culminated in the kids making a fire in the garden.  Freddie loved this.  We all had such a wonderful afternoon, it was so lovely to see our friends again.

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