Friday, 4 May 2012

A busy day of play

Last year I took the kids to a huge soft play centre in Milton Keynes, with a big playframe, bumper cars, a carousel and a play street with different shops.  It was fantastic, but very expensive, so we haven't been back.
We went again today, and had an equally good time.  Betsy and Meg went on the carousel lots of times.

Betsy, Meg and I climbed and slid and jumped all around the playframe.  The slides were fast!  There was a brilliant ball area, with tubes of air that sucked the balls up and dropped them on the other side.
We were vets, and pizza chefs, and builders.

We did all this over about 3 hours.  But what was Freddie doing for all this time?  Well, he was mostly doing this:
Once he finds something he likes, he wants to keep on doing it!

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