Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Paper boats, and pressing flowers

I made some little paper boats for the kids to float in puddles this afternoon.  They lasted approximately 30 seconds before they succumbed to the water!
The kids enjoyed them regardless.  We'll make some more tomorrow, and paint the bottoms with melted beeswax to make them a little more seaworthy.
They enjoyed a big splash about for a while, before we took a cycle (Freddie)/run (Betsy)/scoot (Meg) around the block.
Along the way we saw the pretty purple flowers we'd noticed a few weeks ago, and picked one.  We also picked a couple of bluebells (Spanish rather than English).
Freddie opened up my old flower press, and put the flowers in.
We'll leave them for a couple of weeks and check to see what they look like.

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