Thursday, 4 October 2012

A riding lesson, and some autumn colour

Freddie and Betsy had their first riding lesson today.  They had both been looking forward to it, but when we got there they both said they didn't want to do it unless I went in with them.  The riding instructor said this was fine thank goodness!  Mum was there too and said she'd sit with Meg.  Meg was unhappy with the offer (ie she cried until I put her in the ring sling), so she and I walked around next to the ponies.
Once we were in the paddock, the kids relaxed almost straight away.  The ponies were small, and seemed steady and relaxed.  Freddie used a box to climb on his pony (called Dee Dee), and Laura the instructor lifted Betsy onto her pony Hector.
They walked around the paddock, and practiced using the reins to change direction and stop the ponies.  They used their feet to get the ponies to walk again.  They also had a go at trotting, and they really enjoyed it!
As they liked it so much, we'll try regular lessons and go every other week.

In the afternoon Betsy, Meg and I went leaf collecting.  The colours are beautiful at the moment.
Some of the leaves went into the flower press, and some were dipped in melted beeswax.  I put them on the wooden tree on our nature table. 
I made a toadstool gnome and an autumn fairy the other day, to stand under the tree.  Here's a close up!
Oh I do love autumn..

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  1. Aww love the gnome and fairy!

    And yay for the riding lessons. I'm itching to take Theakston but he's scared of horses. Fingers crossed Nyah will be more up for it!