Friday, 26 October 2012

Getting ready for Halloween!

The kids are very excited about Halloween.  Betsy has been counting down the days (after counting down the days to her birthday.  I'm guessing after this we'll be counting down to Christmas!).  This week we took down the birthday bunting and cards, and started to decorate the house with spooooooky things.
I had ordered a load of bits and bobs from Crafty Crocodiles, and we've been working our way through them.  First Betsy did some simple sewing with a pumpkin decoration.  You can just see it in the window!

I found some stickers I'd bought last year, and she used a white oil pastel and the stickers to make a scary picture.
We picked up a pompom bat kit in Hobbycraft last week, and she made all 5 of them with very little help from me.
She had planned to hang them up, but once they were dry she had more fun sellotaping them to an aeroplane, a police van and a balloon, and gave them rides around the living room.  Maybe we'll buy another pack to hang up.  We did hang up some other things though - a glow in the dark skeleton the size of Freddie, some plastic spiders, a big spooky window picture.  I'm planning on making a giant spider web from a bin bag thanks to pinterest!

While Betsy and I were busy, Freddie was playing with a super-stretchy skeleton, and a 3 headed dragon we bought that morning.  He put it in a cave and it battled some playmobil people, along with his allies.
I was going to make the kids capes for Halloween costumes (vampire for Fred, Little Red Riding Hood for Betsy) but I broke my sewing machine the other day *sigh*.  I took us to Tescos instead and picked up costumes for £5 each, way less than I would have spent on fabric.  Annoying!  Fred chose a vampire costume, and Betsy chose to be a bat.  We already have a Meg sized pumpkin suit I bought when Betsy was little.  I only managed to get a photo of the bat, the vampire ran off to Jarvis's house.
When Rob got home this evening he spotted the glow in the dark eye balls on the table.  Look!  Gruesome.
Meg has been ill again.  She's on steroids again.  The third time in, what, six weeks?  
This was earlier in the week.  She's better than that now, but still not right.  Grumpy, tired, pale, just not 100%.  Today she enjoyed sitting in a box for quite a long time.
It's been quite hard work really.  I'm glad it's the weekend.....

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  1. Poor Meg, I hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure this constantly changing weather isn't helping. Hopefully it'll decide it's winter now and stay consistent at least and you can keep her bundled up :)

    Looks like great spooky fun has been had! We will be making decorations over the weekend I think :)