Thursday, 4 October 2012


We ran a dinosaur session at the home ed group this week.  Freddie and I thought about some different activities we could take.  He was very keen to show the other kids how a pack of raptors might hunt down a plant eater.  I was happy to be his prey!  He made up a game with plant eaters and meat eaters, and the kids took it in turns to hunt each other.
We brought his 'Walking with Giants' dvds to watch.
I printed off some colouring sheets, a model triceratops to colour in and stick together, and a fossil/pasta glue craft.
We grabbed the box of dinosaurs, and the dinoland car track thing.  
I made dinosaur bingo too, as I couldn't find a free printable dino bingo anywhere online.  Everyone got bingo at the same time though, whoops!  I need to add some more pictures to make it play better.

Later we went onto the common to measure out long a diplodocus was from head to tail.  It's 40m, all the way to the where the red arrow is pointing!
The kids played on the common after that, as it was such a gorgeous autumn afternoon.

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