Monday, 15 October 2012

Talons and beaks and feathers

We went to the Birds of Prey Centre in Bedfordshire today.  My mum got bargain tickets on groupon for her, Chris and Freddie to do a half day hawk experience.  Me and the girls went along to watch.  We had to fit Meg's GP appointment in first, so we were in a bit of a hurry.  It poured down on the way there, plus we got lost, so we were a little late.  Unfortunately Freddie missed out on flying the small birds - he had a go with one but it didn't really land on him.
The rain had stopped by now so we went back outside for the next few birds.  Freddie loved watching them, and didn't mind that he couldn't handle these ones (you have to be 14+ to fly the big ones).
After a cup of tea, the group had a chance to handle an eagle.  Freddie held a beautiful Chilean Blue eagle.  He so so enjoyed it.  I loved watching him with this amazing bird.
He chatted to the handler for ages, talking about the shape of the beak, how they hunt, the Deadly 60 programmes.  Betsy, Meg and I went for a walk as they were getting restless, but mum told me afterwards that Freddie asked lots of interesting questions.
Betsy really enjoyed walking around looking at the birds, especially the different types of owls.  She was also interested by the many mole hills dotted around the place.
Mum and Chris treated us to lunch afterwards, and got the kids some toys from the gift shop. It was a real treat!
It's Betsy's birthday tomorrow.  The bunting is up.  The balloons would be too, but one burst as I was blowing it up.  Bloody hell it hurt my eye!  The quilt is wrapped.  I'm very happy with it and took a quick photo after I finished it the other day.....

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