Friday, 12 October 2012

A wet walk, and a dry one

The weather has been so changeable.  Blue skies on Wednesday, pouring down on Thursday, dry but occasionally threatening today.
Yesterday (Thursday, wet) we went on an Autumn treasure hunt with some of the families in our home ed co-op.  It had been raining most of the morning, but had stopped when we set off.  We found a sweet chestnut tree, and some interesting looking flat fungi on a log.
Inside the woods it was gloomy and felt a bit like a fairy tale forest with hazards hidden amongst the trees.  Did we catch a glimpse of the big bad wolf?  Or was that a dinosaur hiding behind a tree?
 After a little while - and some spotting of animal footprints, more fungi and interesting fallen trees - the heavens opened.  We all got drenched!  Shoes and boots were at risk of being sucked into the mud.  Rain dripped off noses.  
My phone got wet and gave up at this point!  It was fun, though Betsy got too wet for comfort and felt miserable for the last few minutes.
Today was dry, so we headed off to our local woods this afternoon.  Freddie spotted more fungi.  I'd really like a field guide so we can identify what we find.
We spent some time in the playground before going to the cafe for a cuppa and some Smarties.
Freddie likes to sort his into colours.
Then off for a walk.  We were dinosaurs - first iguanadons, then raptors.  The kids collected leaves to eat, and then hunted for prey.

And because it's International Baby Wearing Week, here's a photo of Meg and me after she asked for a 'carry-you' on my front (unusual as she normally goes on my back).
No time to write about numbers now so this is a reminder to come back to it next week - the kids are number crazy at the moment and we talk about them in the car especially.  Now we're off to Rob's folks, time to get shoes on and hit the road!


  1. Those woods look great! We've just got a fungi identifier to take out on our walks, there are so many varieties around now.

  2. There are, we've seen even more than usual I think. What identifier do you have, and do you like it? I'm looking for a recommendation!