Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Soaking up the season

Thanks to pinterest we've been enjoying some leafy activities.  Everyone did a bit of something when we made some stained glass leaves.  Betsy helped grate the crayons, and scatter them onto wax paper.  Meg scattered the grated crayons too.
Freddie ironed the wax paper to, to melt the colours onto the wax paper.
I cut out the black card frames and stuck the pieces together.  We all love how they look in the window!
We collected some more leaves today, and stuck them on the front door inspired by The Artful Parent.
The house is filled with lovely leafy pictures and decorations.  Betsy helped me to make a leaf lantern and we can't wait for it to be dark so we can light it.  I also have the materials to make dyed leaves from coffee filter paper.
We popped to the playground on the way back from Hobbycraft today.  It was a beautiful afternoon, chilly in the shade but so warm in the sunshine.  
Meg has a chest infection again, and is on antibiotics and steroids.  She is not enjoying the medicine, so it's not much fun.  I'm hoping the treatment will knock it on the head this time.

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