Monday, 22 October 2012

The busy week...

The birthday celebrations continued.  We had a party at the home ed co-op, with streamers, games and food.  Betsy had really wanted a party, and it seemed to tick her boxes thank goodness.  Birthday parties is a bit of home ed for us that is much harder than for school kids, I think.  Most of the people we know live quite far away, and the group is much smaller than a class or two.
On Thursday it was the pony riding lesson.  There were more kids this week, so the instructor split the class into girls and boys, with the boys riding first.  I knew this might not work for either Freddie r Betsy but for some reason I didn't say anything, I didn't want to rock the boat I guess.  Freddie enjoyed his ride, and Betsy didn't seem to mind waiting, so I thought maybe it would be ok.  When it came to Betsy's turn, she realised that Freddie wouldn't be riding with her and she got upset.  If I'd only listened to my instinct!  She decided she's rather not ride without Freddie, and I arranged that they'd always ride in the same group from now on.
On Friday it was the Skylanders Giants release day.  Freddie hd been counting down for weeks!  We were expecting the game pack to be delivered from Amazon, plus he's preordered two extra figures from Game in town.  Game opened at 8am that morning, so we got up early (no mean feat here), and were back home in time for the delivery at 9.10am.  Freddie played happily, and Betsy painted a tea set she had for her birthday.
On Saturday Freddie hung out with Jarvis while the girls and I went to the park.  Betsy packed a picnic for her little stuffed husky dog and carried it in a back pack.  It was very sweet!
On Sunday Betsy had her last birthday celebration, a tea party with my folks and a couple of her local friends.  Rob did a game of pin the tail on the donkey, and a treasure hunt.  The kids played, and we chatted and ate.  It was lovely, though I am glad the birthday week is over.  I made 3 birthday cakes over the last few days.  Last year Betsy was very shy when it came to the candles and singing, and hid away at the top of the stairs.  This year she's had loads of candles and singing and didn't mind at all.  A year makes a huge difference.
Today we were going to go and sail paper boats on the big puddle in the park, but Meg's boots are in Stoke-On-Trent.  We went to the playground instead.
I span the big kids in this cool bowl-shaped roundabout.  I alternated between giving them 10 spins, and helping Meg on the slide and swing.  Freddie said '7 and 5 make 12 don't they?'.  I said yes and asked why.  He said 12 was their age added together, so could I spin 12 times instead of 10?  Maths in action!
Later, Betsy worked on a wind chimes craft set she got for her birthday.
Meg gradually seemed to become unwell today.  More of the same - off her food, runny nose, cough.  By 4pm she was miserable and fell asleep on the sofa.  When Rob got home I picked up the prescription for a steroid inhaler that the GP gave me on standby last week.  Looks like we'll be heading back to the doctor tomorrow.......

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