Monday, 2 September 2013

A happy day

After I wrote yesterday's post, Rob and Freddie went to the local park.  We could hear live music all afternoon and they wanted to investigate.  Rob phoned a few minutes later saying it was great - music, beer, kids dancing.  I hustled the girls together and we ran, arriving just as the last song finished!  Agghh.  Never mind - we made the best of it with half a golden ale each and 20 minutes in the playground as it got dark.

There was a spectacular sunset too, and a spooky walk home along the canal.  Worth the effort to go, even if we missed the music.

When I checked on the kids before I went to bed, I found Fred and Betsy asleep in each other's arm, so sweet!
Today has been a fun, busy day.  We met with friends and went swimming.  Betsy is getting more and more confident in the water, and Fred is a fish.  Meg loves to jump in and have Fred or I catch her.  Fred is such a help at swimming.  He catches Betsy on the waterfall slide, and carries her or Meg around on his back.

Afterwards we had 10 minutes at the playground before walking along the canal to the supermarket (we were out of bread, as usual).  For some reason the big weeping willow captured the kid's attention.  It is magnificent.  In the shop Fred and Betsy pretended Betsy was a robot and Fred bought her.  They came up with her name, the Betsybot 1000.  Brilliant!  She was a robot all the way home, and during lunch.

 At the bridge just before our house I noticed this lovely triangular reflection.  The light was moving and making patterns on the wall.

It's such a glorious sunny day.  I had a sort out of the shelves and storage in the living room last week, and moved things around a bit - put some things out that had been hidden.  Fred noticed the solar toys, so we took them out into the garden.
The poor boat has had it, both oars have broken off.  The space craft ended up transporting Moshi Monsters.  Betsy and Meg both enjoyed playing with the marble roller coaster.  The solar toys were cheap as chips from and are great for an hour here and there.
Freddie and Meg played together, with Fred blasting her with his watergun.

I had a couple of errands to run in town, so off out we went again.  The stream that we cross has recently been cleared of rubbish and is looking lovely.  The kids played pooh sticks (well, pooh leaves) for a little while.
Last week, a friend of Fred's told him about hornets.  I haven't seen one in years.  Fred spotted one just past the stream. It's funny how things like that happen!  He was nervous about me taking the time to photograph it, and it made us both jump when it took off.

 On our route around town we saw go carts.  I jiggled around the money I had - got Rob to add some money to the joint account - so Fred and Betsy could have a go.  I'm glad I did, they loved it!  Freddie did some very astute driving, eventually overtaking Betsy who had been in pole position.  Lots of fun. 

Now Fred is on his ipad watching Nerd Cube videos, and Betsy is playing with her friend from 4 doors down.  It feels like we've really made the most of today.

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