Sunday, 1 September 2013

In praise of PYO

We went to a PYO farm a couple of days ago.  It was pretty cool, except for the millions of wasps buzzing around the picnic benches and playground.  It was a good set up, with a cafe, sandpit, bouncy castle, bouncy slide, and obstacle course.  Plus, of course, fruit and veg to pick.

We played and picnicked first.

Then we headed into the fields.  We managed to visit when many of the summer crops were over, and the autumn ones were not yet ready. The broad beans were cropping, and Betsy picked enough for Rob and I to have broad bean, feta and mint fritters for dinner (delicious, a Riverford recipe).
The blackcurrants were good too, and all three spent quite a while filling a tub full.
I made a gorgeous pink juice with some apples and the blackcurrants.  Yum!
I picked up some English blueberries in the farm shop.  Meg gobbled them up, the first time she's eaten them in ages.  

I hadn't realised what great value PYO is.  The food we picked cost pennies.  I'll remember that for next summer.

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