Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Three days, all different.

Half way through the week already, it's whizzing by.

On Monday we went swimming with Caden and Miles.  It was our first visit in term time.  It was fabulously empty, the only other customers were under 4s with a parent or grandparent.  Betsy and Meg had a great time as usual.  Freddie got a bit bored after an hour or so.  It's time to invest in some pool toys.  I think I'll get some dive sticks and some super soaker balls.

Before and after swimming the kids had a run around the playground.  Freddie is outgrowing it, sadly.  He only likes the tyre swing.  It feels like juggling all of their likes and dislikes is heading to a more difficult place at the moment.  Something for me to think about.

Later in the afternoon we went shopping for hamster and mouse bedding, with no success.   We all liked looking at the animals in the pet shop though.  They have some adorable guinea pigs.  Freddie and I talked about what fish we would have, if we had room for a tank.  I like the little ones with a luminous stripe.  They had little shark fish too!

On Tuesday it rained.  I had planned to go to a pond dipping session at the local nature reserve, but the kids said they didn't want to.  Probably sensible!  We had a chilled out day at home, playing a game called My Singing Monsters, and a couple of board games.

Today we went to my mum's.  The kids played with the dog, went to see the parrot, played with the wooden train set, watched the Smurfs.  We went for a walk after lunch.  I wanted to collect some leaves for an activity I'm doing at a group on Friday, and mum has some woodland near her house.

It was lovely.  The kids love walking her dog.  There were some huge puddles to walk through.  The woods had lots of funghi to look at.  Betsy collected acorns and leaves, and she found a leaf that looked infested with something.  I'll do a google search later to see if I can identify it.

We stopped at the playground behind mum's house, but not for long as Meg is coming down with something (temperature, low appetite, no energy, rather unhappy).

Infested leaf

Freddie is enjoying me taking photos of him pulling faces at the moment!

 Meg and I found a daisy, surely one of the last of the year..?

 Back home, under the weather.  Poor Meg.

I really hope she isn't properly ill.  We're going on a mini holiday on Saturday........

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