Thursday, 19 September 2013

On the go

We've had a busy day at home.  I've done a million loads of laundry.  Meg is still unwell.  Go Diego Go has been on repeat most of the time.

It's my brother's birthday this weekend, and Betsy helped me to make some brownies to send him.  At first she didn't want to bake, so I started it myself.  She joined me as soon as I started cracking eggs, she loves doing that!  She really got into it, and pretty much did everything else with a little help from me.  The recipe is from a children's cook book, and is perfect for kids - not too rich, and very easy to make.  I used chocolate chips rather than walnuts though.

While I was dealing with the washing, the kids were all involved with different things.  Freddie showed Betsy his new cool wind up toy that he got from mum yesterday.  It creates sparks, and looks very dramatic.  

Betsy decided to pretend to be a hippo, and had a long bath.  Freddie made an arena for the hexbugs and set them into battle with each other.  Meg played with a torch, and watched the hexbugs with Freddie.  After her bath, Betsy the hippo and Meg the baby jaguar made some structures with the wooden bricks.

After lunch I wanted to do a test run of the crafts I'm running at tomorrow's home ed group.  First we made some leaf monsters.  They are awesome!  Quick and easy to make, and pretty cute.  I dipped one leaf in melted beeswax.  I wasn't sure if glue would stick to it, but it worked.  Later I dipped the rest of the leaves for the group, as it preserves the leaves and the monsters will last longer.

Next was autumn tree art.  I'd seen a great idea on pinterest (naturally!) - an arm print in brown paint for a tree trunk, with finger print leaves.  I have some leaf-shaped sponges so I thought we could use those instead of finger prints.  I also wondered if some kids might not like to paint their arm brown, so I did one using a washing up sponge.

They all turned out great!  The girls loved doing the arm print, and I have a stash of gorgeous autumn colour paints, including gold.  They really enjoyed the sponge printing.

My sponge-printed tree.

Betsy's arm-printed tree.

Meg's arm-printed tree.
Now Meg has fallen asleep on the sofa, Betsy is playing Moshi Monsters and Freddie is at Jarvis's.  I'm hoping to go to see some friends this evening, if Meg is ok with Rob.  Fingers crossed....

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