Tuesday, 3 September 2013


(Some days it's *really* hard to think of a title.  Today, I have given up trying!)

Another lovely sky yesterday evening, seen on my way home from doing the food shop.
I made the most delicious dinner based on home grown and foraged food.  Roast beetroot and feta salad, with toasted walnuts, and blackberry and apple crumble.  Yum!
We made the most of the beautiful sunshine today - and having schooled friends around before term starts tomorrow.  We brought Jarvis with us to the playground, and went to the nearby stream afterwards.

It's one of my favourite spots.  Lovely big trees, and today I noticed many are oak, so I know where we can go looking for acorns.  We found a few today, some brown ones from last year along with this year's green ones.

The stream was very shallow today, as there has been so little rain recently.  Cold, clear water.  Some other kids had nets, a good idea to remember for next time.  

Meg didn't like how cold it was and changed into wellies.  They soon filled with water!  She didn't mind that so much.

Betsy enjoyed before suddenly feeling cold.  She didn't want wellies, and found a tree stump in the sun to sit on.  Having some cookies helped a bit.

Fred and Jarvis enjoyed exploring.  Fred cleared the little waterfall of debris.  

I found a plant that looked like watercress.  It would be so cool if it was!
Freddie played at Jarvis's this afternoon, and the girls did some big drawings.

Right now we're all on the sofa watching epic funny cats on youtube.  They love it!

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