Monday, 9 September 2013

In the rain

We had errand to run on a rainy day today.  I had lots of bags to take to the charity shop, so after dropping them off we drove into town and parked in the multistory car park.  We obviously *never* do this as we live 5 minutes from the high street.  Freddie sometimes asks to though, and today seemed the right day to do it.

The car park has a covered bridge linking it to the shopping centre.  The kids loved it!  

It's funny how doing something routine but in a different way can make it feel so novel.  It was lovely watching the kids trying to work out where they were, coming into the shopping centre through a different entrance.

We popped around town, Meg and Betsy with umbrellas up, all of us in raincoats.  

Freddie and Betsy spent their pocket money.  Betsy got a pack of Moshi Monsters, and Freddie got an excellent value car track for £8.   He set it up so the car did a stunt jump over the row of other cars, and then so it jumped into a bowl of water.

Meg and Betsy have been playing with the cuddly toys, in between games on the laptop, and long bubble baths.

I've been offering up a a couple of more autumnal activities recently. At the weekend I dug out some wooden acorns I bought last year, and left them on the table with some little pots of acrylic paints.  Betsy and Meg decided to paint them.  I couldn't take any photos of the process, as I was holding an acorn in each hand!  They gave them a coat of paint, and once that was dry they decorated them with spots and stripes.  I finished them with a layer of mod podge to preserve them and make them shiny.

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