Monday, 4 November 2013

A lull

We've had a reasonably quiet few days after Halloween.  Friday was a proper PJ day, and my brother came over in the afternoon.  He and Rob went to a folk gig at the nearby arts centre, and had a great evening.  I enjoyed watching one of the new Poirot episodes on my own!

The kids were invited to a birthday party on Saturday, and Sunday they had friends in and out playing.

Freddie discovered that our laptop can run Minecraft.  To say he's happy would be a huge understatement.  The laptop crashes from time to time when it overheats.  We really need an upgrade.

Betsy has been doing more workbooks.  It's funny.  I read out what each activity is.  She asks if she has to do it.  I, of course, say no.  She then does the activity!  She wants to do more 'schooly' stuff.  To that end, I might make her a schedule for a few days, with 'lessons'.  My heart sinks at the thought.

She's been writing out words, and drawing pictures to help her identify the words.  She's making a word book.

So, today.  We went swimming this morning.  Freddie spent ages trying to stand on the float, and eventually managed to do it.  He was also doing handstands and backflips.  Meg jumped into the water over and over again, with me catching her.  Betsy is more and more water confident, and can get around with the help of the float.

After lunch we walked into town.  It was a beautiful afternoon - cold, crisp, sunny.

We got some more workbooks from The Works, and the kids spent their pocket money (Moshis for Betsy, a gun for Freddie).  Now Betsy is upstairs with the Nexus, Fred is at Jarvis's and Meg is feeding the cat.  Time to go and make dinner.

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