Saturday, 30 November 2013

Illness sucks

It's been a tough few days.  Meg developed a cough and a temperature, and her inhalers weren't really having an impact.  She's been really under the weather, and naturally very clingy.  I've struggled, not least because at night she's been waking every hour or so.

I missed a playdate, a trip to the cinema with Rob (really sad about this!), a visit to the robot safari at the Science Museum, and I reluctantly cancelled mum's birthday lunch we were hosting.  The GP prescribed antibiotics and steroids, and she's on a million puffs of ventolin.  Pah.

My energy levels have been low, and the older two have had to entertain themselves to a certain extent.  Puzzles, glitter, bricks, ipad/nexus games have been the order of the day.

We did leave the house to pick the car up from the garage, and all three enjoyed being in the taxi.

So, today.  Meg and I went to the out of hours GP at the hospital.  Meanwhile, Rob, Fred and Betsy went to the Science Museum.  The robot safari event sounded great, but the kids weren't that into it.  Rob said the science guys who were showing their robots weren't great at engaging younger visitors.  They loved the hands on stuff in the Launchpad though.  

Hooray for trains.

 Watching the robot fish.

Robot salamander.

Gas and liquid.

Heat sensor.

Changing airflow to make boat move.

Slinky fun.

The late autumn/early winter colour is beautiful at the moment.  Betsy was amazed to see the whole of our path was yellow from the dropped leaves.

As it's the last day of November, I've taken all the autumn stuff down now.  The leaves are gone from the front door, the decorations down from the front window.  I've emptied the nature tray, and will set up some winter surprises for the kids to discover in the morning.

The autumn gnomes had a little party, next to the orange candle that's been on the nature tray since September.

Goodbye autumn, hello winter.


  1. Poor little girl. I do hope that he feels better soon.

    The nature tray sounds fab. I can't wait to see what turns up tomorrow morning.

    I hope you all have a better sleep to tonight.x

    1. Thanks - she thankfully did sleep better!