Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Another pyjama day

I finished a hat for Meg yesterday evening.  She likes it (phew) and didn't take it off until she went to bed.

Today started off very slowly.  Horizontally, really.  The kids and I were woken by the phone ringing.  At 9.45!  Unbelievable.  So my plans to do a scheduled day for Betsy went awry - whoops!

She did some more workbooks, and a few pages from dot-to-dot.

Meanwhile, Meg did her first ever self portrait.  She was so pleased with her picture.

Freddie worked on Minecraft.  He wants me to help him with some mods.  I'll be researching what this means over the next few days.  He's been asking how to spell different words all day, in the course of minecrafting.

I cast on a hat for Betsy, and kept the fire in.  It's not freezing today, but it is damp and chilly.

After lunch I dug out a robot craft kit I bought a while ago, a bargain from Wilkos.  

It saitsfied Betsy's requirement of being 'schooly' enough, and we spent a couple of hours putting them together.  Betsy did most of the work, my main task was forming the boxes.  Meg made one too.  They turned out great!  They have wind up feet and look fab walking around together.

Tomorrow the plan is to leave the house - will we make it out of the door.....?!

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