Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Better materials

Betsy and Meg are prolific creators of art work.  We get through a lot of paper, paint, glue, felt tips, and other crafty materials.  I tend to buy big bottles of kids paint from Hobbycraft or Crafty Crocodiles, for the bright colours and their washable nature.  And I buy bog standard value reams of paper from Tescos.

When we visited our friend Zoe at the weekend, she got out some beautiful thick water colour paper, a roll of quality brushes, and some acrylic paints.  The girls really enjoyed using the different quality materials.  Inspired by this, Meg and I went to The Works to look for some new art goodies.  I came away with some A4 mounted canvases, a pad of watercolour paper, and a couple of acrylic paints to add to the few we had in the cupboard.

Betsy spent ages this evening, mixing colours and painting pictures.  She used all the canvases!  One or two will be presents for my mum's birthday this weekend, and we'll put the others up on the wall.

I think she'd like to use these all the time, but we can't afford those kind of materials for all the art work that gets produced here.  I'll certainly replenish our stock with better quality stuff more often though.

Freddie also had an investment in his creative persuits.  Rob sweated and frowned through the complicated task of installing Minecraft forge, so that Freddie could add mods.  He is delighted!  He got a creature mod, and now has komodo dragons, snakes, fish and dozens of others.

And look - screen grabs!

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