Thursday, 21 November 2013

Friends and lights and bangs

We spent most of today in Milton Keynes.  Ikea first, to buy their gingerbread house kit.  The kids were excited to go into the creche.  I went to the cafe for breakfast, and wandered around the showroom for a while.  It was strange.  I felt like I was playing hooky.  I didn't enjoy it at all!  I wish I'd brought a book to read.  As it was, after 40 minutes I gave up trying to be on my own, and sat on the sofa outside the creche until the hour was up.  

Meg had a meltdown when she came out of the creche, as she didn't want to leave.  It was about 75% epic - pretty loud and sustained and public.

We bought the gingerbread house and some jam for mum, and headed over to Caden and Mile's new place.

It's fantastic!  For less than our mortgage they have more bedrooms, loos, bigger kitchen, bigger garden.  I think it's worth considering selling up and renting for a while.  For the monthly cost of our mortgage we could get a house with twice the bedrooms and so much more living space.  I love our house, and where we live, and our neighbours.  It's hard, balancing that against what we could get with Rob's hard earned money.

Anyway, we had lunch there, and the kids played a great game of hide and seek (so many places to hide when there are 3 floors!), and we went to the local playground.

Meg as a lion.  She was a lion for most of the afternoon.

Home in time for dinner, and out the door again for the christmas lights switch on.  I'd budgeted £15 for light up toys (rather than being shocked at the price and paying reluctantly, like last year).  Freddie got a double ended light sabre, and Betsy and Meg got flashing star wands.  All very happy with their choices.

There was the countdown, the lights came on, and there was a  firework display (the first time they've watched fireworks with no ear defenders!).  Excellent job as usual.  

We listened to the first CD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the car.  Betsy was disappointed she didn't find out what happened next ('did he find the golden ticket?').  Freddie wanted to watch the film when we got in.  I thought it was on Netflix, but no.  I think we'll look for it in the library.  He's watching Lemony Snicket instead. 

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