Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Fred first

The coughing has finally eased, thank goodness. It's still there, but not incessantly.

Tuesday was pancake day, and the sun was glorious.  I hung out a load of laundry, the first time this year.

We went to watch a pancake tossing race in town.

We collected Betsy's new glasses.  She's pretty happy with them, and doesn't seem at all concerned that she needs to wear them (for using the computer, watching the ipad or TV, reading and writing).  

Many baths and showers this week (it goes through phases here).  Meg had a bath and briefly fell asleep on the sofa, still recovering from the virus.

  I got a bit of sewing done (yay).

On Wednesday I took Meg and Jeanie to see Peppa Pig in the cinema.  Meg was *so* happy.  
She kept saying how happy she was.  Awesome.  Fred and Betsy stayed at Will's house while I was out.

It was another beautiful day.  Meg loves it when the sun shines on the canal.  I liked the shadow of the crane on the side of the theatre.  The light looked beautiful as it streamed though Will and Jeanie's window.

Today it's been rainy.  Betsy and Meg played and played with Erin, and later with Jarvis.

Fred went to town BY HIMSELF.  A milestone!  He went to the CEX shop to pick up a copy of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (he sold a handful of PS3 games to fund it).  I had a quick chat with him before he went - reminded him to wait for the green man, not to talk to anyone in the street unless he knew them, if he was worried or concerned for any reason to go into a shop and ask for help.  I gave him my mobile phone number and off he went.

25 minutes later he returned.  My growing up boy.

Funnily enough I stumbled upon this lovely article on Sandra Dodd's website this morning, about kids growing up.  It's sweet, a little sad, and poignant.

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