Monday, 16 February 2015

Cough cough cough

Illness is back, this time a nasty cough that's knocked the kids off their feet.  It's a shame, as I had a few nice things planned.  

We were going to meet Zoe and Billy at Burnham Beeches, luckily they were able to come here instead.  Another day I'd arranged to meet at a friend's house, and ended up cancelling.

Meg and I managed to do a little valentine crafting, and the girls played a bit.  Betsy and Meg wanted to do some bird watching, so I set up chairs by the front window.  Other than that they didn't have the energy for much.  

The weekend was better, though the kids were still under the weather.  Laura, Moss and Fable came for a 2-night visit.  Plenty of laughter, games and conversation.

Betsy and Jarvis spent most of Sunday together, they went to Mead Open Farm with Jarvis's dad and had a great time.  

Today Meg has cracked open one of the weekend boxes I've been stockpiling.  It had an Aztec theme.  So there were some warming spices to add to proper hot chocolate (made with real chocolate, I haven't done that before).  Delicious!  And Meg loved the smell of it.

She made an Aztec inspired pattern, and some very sweet parrots.

Fred is so happy to be able to play GTA5 again, after a weekend off.  He took some PS3 games to the CEX shop, and saved some of the money as a voucher to buy Plants vs Zombies for the PS3 (can't wait for this, it's arriving Tuesday or Wednesday).  He also got £5, and spent it on some GTA5 money.  He bought a Comet car, which cost $100.00.  He loves it!

Betsy (no surprises) is at Jarvis's.  Actually, Meg's over there too now!  Love half term for spending time with local friends.

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