Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wonderful Camp Mohawk

It's been a long time since the last Camp Mohawk activity day back in December.  The first one of 2015 was brilliant.

Owen's Animals did workshops throughout the day.   Zoe led a singing session in the woods. Meg and I danced to a music group in the hall.  Betsy and Meg made glittery heart suncatchers. Plus the usual soft play and sensory room.

Chilly picnic

 Popcorn with eyes and mouth, spotted by Betsy

Fred in the sun, playing with a big hoop

Heart craft

Owen of Owen's Animals.  

Stick insects

Distinguishing between stick insect eggs and poo!



Snake (I've forgotten which type)

The last animal session was very special - Owen fed a dead mouse to a corn snake.  It was fascinating.

Mohawk remains the favourite day of the month for me and the kids (unless we've been to a theme park, in which case it gets bumped to second place!).


  1. Wow! Just Wow! Caden was amazed at the bravery of Meg and Betsy with that Tarantula! I really want to come back to Mohawk this year. It always looks so cool!