Thursday, 5 February 2015

Snow and appointments

It's very much been a home-based week so far.

On Monday we had a busy morning running errands (library book return, popping into the bank, buying lollipops) and then an appoitment for Meg's MMR in the afternoon (hence the lollipops). 

I had told her that it would hurt a bit.  It did hurt, but was over quickly and lollipops helped recovery. 

Another thing that cheered her up was the arrival of the Diamond Minecart tops that we'd ordered a while ago.  Christmas money well spent.

On Tuesday we woke up to snow - at last!  It wasn't deep, and in the almost-warm afternoon sun it mostly melted, but there was enough for Betsy to build a snow puppy.  Fred and I had a snow ball fight with Zoe and Billy, who were visiting for the day.

It was a lazy day yesterday.  Lots of cosy time by the fire.

Today Betsy and Meg have been playing with the Lego and Moshi Monsters figures, and Plants vs Zombies was rediscovered and enjoyed.

This afternoon Fred and Betsy had routine eye tests.  Fred's eyes are fine.  Betsy has to go for a retest with cyclo eye drops, which relaxes the eye muscles.  The optician couldn't be sure that her eye muscles were making the test difficult to judge (due to her age), or if she has a lazy eye.  
She has an appointment for that next week.  I think it may be a stressful - we have to be there 30 minutes before the eye test to give the drops time to work.  Keeping the kids entertained/contained may be tricky.  Plus the drops sting when they go in, so Betsy will probably be upset.

I'll go prepared!

On the way back I was astonished to see a cormorant by the canal.  I've never seen one here before.  All 3 kids were interested and we stopped a while to look at it.  Fred took some photos.

We have Will and Jeanie here now for a few hours.

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