Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Center Parcs

We had a wonderful few days at the new Center Parcs in Bedfordshire.  It's a whole 40 minutes from home!

We arrived early on Monday and went straight to the pool.  I was terrified by one of the waterslides - 45 degree drop and a zero-gravity type experience.  In a rubber dingy thing.  Proper scary!

Meg and I spent a lot of time floating around the lazy river.  Fred, Betsy and I all loved the outdoor rapids (outside in the cold, in steaming warm water).  Everyone loved the wave pool.  We went swimming 7 times in 5 days, including two visits in the dark.

We did a couple of other activities - table tennis (Rob is excellent!), bowling (Meg won as usual), short tennis (I missed this as I was in the spa - shame!).  And we spent time in our little house.  It was very comfortable, and the wifi was as good as at home.  I read almost a whole book.  Lovely.

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