Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Good days.

Yesterday we spent a few hours at Zoe's.  I forgot my phone so no photos.  Meg played with the playmobil, and Betsy and Meg did some joint minecrafting.  Fred and Billy played in the woods, and on the X-box. 

Zoe is taking care of her neighbours sheep, so after lunch we walked down to them.  The kids fed them pellets, and put out some straw.  One of them (Todd) was a real character, and was trying to nibble the top of my boots.  Fred of course loved it.

Afterwards they played on the trampoline for ages, then we had to go home to look after Will and Jeanie.

Betsy asked me to print off some minecraft colouring pages, and she coloured lots in and stuck them on her wall.

Meg and Jeanie made a zoo, with some really lovely attention to detail.  I really like the water pool.  They worked on this for ages, at least an hour.

Today we've had a relaxing day at home.  Meg made another zoo.  I've started the potatoes chitting.  Meg and I fed the ducks.  Minecraft, GTA5 etc. 

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