Monday, 9 February 2015

The Frithsden Beeches

Oh oh what a lovely day it's been!  We met up with Angela and Caroline at Ashridge, and Angela led us to the ancient beeches that we visited in March last year.  Since then the big old tree that featured in Harry Potter has fallen down.

We parked in a different spot this time, a little further away but less muddy.  There were lots of puddles to jump in, and sticks to find.  Fred got us to listen to the sound of a stick swooshing in the puddles.  Betsy and Meg made tracks with sticks, and wrote letters in the mud.

We stopped at a tree for a quick climb, and I spotted some deer poo.  Angela gave Meg a heart shaped stone.

Then we got to the beeches.  Beautiful.  And the sun was out, hinting at spring with its warmth. Heaven.

The kids climbed, sawed through rotting wood, made a camp in the cave-like space under the fallen tree.  I had a flask of tea.  It doesn't get much better.

I'd brought chocolate digestives but no lunch, which was a shame as they were really enjoying being there.  We left as late as we could without risking a big hunger melt down, and we'll visit again soon.  With a picnic!

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