Friday, 20 March 2015

A quiet week (with dinosaurs and an eclipse)

We've had a very quiet week.  We had plans cancelled on Monday, visited a cat fosterer on Tuesday (the cats there were too nervous for our busy and noisy household).

We went to see Dinosaur Zoo on Wednsday.  It was great!  The dinosaur puppets were excellent - they looked very realistic (well, within the parameters of current knowledge!).  The presentation was funny and interesting.  The kids loved it.  Fred went up on stage, which surprised me.

After the show we had the opportunity to get close to the Australovenator (similar to a T Rex). Rubbish photos, too busy enjoying it.

Another day at home yesterday.  Home days have involved lots of minecraft and GTA5, as well as some Easter crafting and tower building.

Betsy was asking about prehistoric houses (not using those words, but that's what she meant).  
We had a look at some photos of roundhouses, and talked about what they were made from. She has started building an 'old days' world.  The roundhouses are square, of course!

We're going to a roundhouse at the end of next month, so that links up nicely.

Today was great.  It was the eclipse - hello grey clouds.

But the cloud cleared just enough for the sun to be visible.  I loved it!  The kids were less impressed, but did see it at its maximum.  We watched the total eclipse on the BBC's Stargazing Live.

Then we jumped in the car and drove to Cliveden (NT), where we were meeting Zoe and some other families.  As the day went on the cloud disappeared, and it was such a warm sunny afternoon.  

We went around the maze, and in the play area, and the Japanese garden.  Lots of fun, new kids to play with.

Spring is everywhere today.  Actually, today is pretty amazing.  It's the Spring equinox, the eclipse and there is a supermoon tonight.

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